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An article in the Occidental Observer addresses the myth among some conservatives and think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute, that Hispanics are “natural conservatives”:

I admit that I have made this mistake in the past, before I examined the data. After all, the Hispanic families I’ve known seem to be industrious, family-oriented, often religious, etc. However, as the article points out, surveys show that, while Hispanics comprise a rapidly increasing portion of the electorate:

At no point in the history of presidential races has the Hispanic population voted majority Republican, with the trending party affiliation becoming increasingly Democrat over the years. In 1960, the U.S. Hispanic population was 6.3 million, and has risen to over 56 million as of 2015. By the year 2065, the Hispanic population is projected to be nearly 110 million if trends continue…

…they don’t think much of “free speech”:

Party platforms will fall in line with the concerns of their constituency, and Hispanic views of free speech, gun control, and government are alarming. In a 2017 Cato Survey, 72% of Hispanics agreed with the phrase “hate speech is an act of violence,” and 62% agree that “people who don’t respect others don’t deserve the right to free speech.

…where “hate speech” means anything that offends a “marginalized” group, even political opinions such as “immigration law should be enforced.” “Respect” means not voicing such opinions and, ideally, not even holding such views.

They also aren’t enamored of the 2nd amendment or “limited government” (a la the 10th amendment):

75% of Hispanics believe that controlling gun ownership is more important in society than protecting the right of Americans to own guns. When asked if they would prefer a smaller government with fewer services or a larger government with more services, only 19% of Hispanics favored the smaller government option.

Combine this with the fact that the naturalized citizen’s oath of allegiance has become an outright joke, and you have a situation where one of the most rapidly growing demographics has neither any fondness or loyalty to “the constitution,” nor any natural feeling for two of its most important amendments.

This is why I argue that “civic nationalism” – meaning a national sentiment rallying around the constitution and American “values” – is hopeless as a unifying national force in the face of uncontrolled mass migration from countries that have essentially different values. This mass migration has been in progress since 1965. And both major American political parties have refused to do anything about it, because mass migration benefits elite interests on both sides of the aisle.

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